Dirty Work: The Story of Elsie's Farm
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Dirty Work [is] a masterpiece! Did you notice how rapt the audience was? Very few got up to go at the conclusion of the film; you left them wanting more."  
Marguerite Andrews, UU Underwood
This film offers a unique perspective, from a voice which is rarely heard from: the farmers themselves. As an environmental studies student, it was interesting to get a sense of the challenges facing these individuals. I hope you all got a chance to view this insightful film!   
Andrew Friesen, MNHS Sustainability blog

Dirty Work: The Story of Elsie's Farm is a documentary about an audacious, perhaps quixotic dream to take an old farm, invest it with new ideas and grow a community.

Community supported agriculture; what does it take? Who are the people that make it happen? And how are their lives transformed by living out the change they hope to see? This engaging film follows Don Roberts and Joni Cash, a couple who, late in life, decide to start a venture that will challenge and transform them, as well as the lives of people they touch.

Over the course of a year, at Elsie's Farm, in Ridgeland WI, we see what goes into the process of growing the healthy, organic food sold at farmer's markets, locavore restaurants and cooperative groceries. From planting seeds in the spring, to the bountiful harvest in the fall, the documentary follows the ancient pattern of the seasons, and conveys the trials and rewards of what it means to be working the land today. "Dirty Work: The Story of Elsie's Farm" is about getting your hands dirty, doing work you believe in, and planting the seeds of a sustainable future for generations to come.


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